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Our company is the manufacturer of safe and reliable equipment used in the industry and in the power engineering.

We produce complete metal clad MV-Switchgears, modern LV-Switchgears with withdrawable units with the rating current up to 7600 A, transformer substations in the concrete and metal enclosure, LV-cable joints assembled in the metal enclosures, as well as, many other products for the power engineering produced by our companies in Mirosław, Lublin and Wrocław.

The company in Mirosław specializes in production of MV and LV-Switchgears ( SM6 and OKKEN ) manufactured under license of Schneider Electric and LV-Switchgears
( SEN Plus ) under license of GE.
The company in Lublin ( the Elektromontaż Lublin branch ) specializes in production of high quality transformer substations in the concrete and metal enclosure ( over 30 000 substations are working in many areas of the world ), MV- cables joints assembled in the metal enclosure, enclosures and construction equipment, MV and LV-Switchgears, as well as, other products for the power engineering.
The company in Wrocław ( the Elektromontaż Wrocław branch ) is a very experienced manufacturer of highly developed, modern and safe MV and LV- Switchgears for the industry, mining and power engineering, including metal clad RS-17 and RS-24 MV-Switchgears with the increased specifications.

We are in charge of complex realization of tasks in the area of electrical engineering and in the telecommunication, in the industrial plants and in civil engineering.

We also offer the professional service and maintenance of the power engineering system in the production companies and in the power engineering, as well as, its key units, such as power transformers, cable networks, MV and LV- Switchgears, circuit breakers, protection relays and in the area of electronics used for the purpose of power engineering.

We are also dealing with designing, assembling and testing complex AC/DC guaranteed supply systems, superior surveillance and monitoring systems, installing heating cables, as well as, all kinds of installations and type EEx equipment.

We have many years of experience in maintaining the power engineering units, installations and systems.

Dealing with the large variety of modern solutions of power engineering systems and products we gained the knowledge and experience in realizing big projects and investments, so we can offer you modernizing the main supply HV and MV substations ( designing, modernizing the primary and secondary circuits, civil engineering works, testing and starting switchgear systems and distribution cabinets and preparing the final "as it works" documentation.

We can also offer the complete service and diagnostics of cable networks, fault location in case of damaged cable insulation and cores and repairing all kinds of cables used in the power industry.

We have Certificates of Quality Management and Environment Management acc. to the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Standards, as well as, Security Management acc. to the BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Standards, in the range of servicing in the power engineering and in the production of switchgears.


Registration data:

NIP: 774-30-94-172
REGON: 141660550
REVICO joint stock company based in Mirosław 39C, 09-472 Słupno
entered into the National Court Register kept by the District Court
XIV Commercial Department in Warsaw under number: 0000321558.
Share capital: 25.276.770,00 zł